University of Pittsburgh

Scientists start by asking questions. Problem is, we can’t always tell which are the right questions to ask. Occasionally, we might feel like we’re exploring the most arcane area of science when we suddenly learn something that opens a door to new possibilities that surpass anything we could have previously imagined.

To the general public, a game-changing discovery may seem to come out of nowhere. As scientists, we know that success requires patience, persistence, luck, and the right partners. These collaborations can begin anywhere—in the lab, at the gym, or in the buffet line during a conference break.

Everyone in science, from graduate students to endowed professors, envisions making a game-changing discovery, whether it seems to be right around the corner or at the end of a long, winding road of investigations. At Science 2016, we gather to learn, to share, to explore, and to be inspired to turn that corner and take that next step down the road to discovery.

Join us as we convene Science 2016—Game Changers!