University of Pittsburgh

Spotlight Session 14

You’re Surrounded—Your Microbiome and You
2:00 p.m., Friday, 21 October
Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center, Schenley Ballroom 4
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Alison Morris, MD, MS


Forty Billion Mutations per Day: Highlights and Lowlights of Your Own Evolving Microbiome
Vaughn S. Cooper, PhD

Understanding Our Microbial Partners through Studies of the Microbiome
Barbara Methé, PhD

Of Mice and Humans: Modeling Human Host-Microbiota Interactions in Humanized Mouse Models
Moses T. Bility, PhD

Staying Frenemies—the Love/Hate Relationship between the Microbiota and the Immune System
Timothy Hand, PhD

The Nose Knows: Complexities of the Sinonasal Microbiolome
Stella Lee, MD